Welcome to my new website. This blog replaces the latest news page on my old .com site, and here you will find news of bikes for sale, events and activities related to pre-war Gold Stars, and other features of interest. From today, 11th August, all traffic to the old site will be redirected to this new version, which is visually more attractive, and easier to navigate.

25/08/2020 The new website is now live. Any feedback would be welcome. 
Another unique 1938 JM24 is on its way to my shed...all will be revealed when it arrives in the next 5 to 6 weeks. Photo shows Engine JM24 273 with original carb and Elektron gearbox.


21/1/2021 A 1938 M24 cylinder head is urgently sought by a fellow enthusiast in Holland. See my For Sale/Wanted page for more details.

12/3/2021  1939 KM24 Engine for sale, fully reconditioned and restored.

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