The Home of the pre-war BSA Gold Star

Welcome to this website dedicated to the
  pre-war BSA M24 GOLD STAR Motorcycles.

This website was launched in January 2010 by George Wander, and is intended to be a pictorial and technical resource for owners and admirers of these wonderful machines.  George' s bikes and cache of parts were passed on to new owners in 2022. The site will be continued as an appreciation of George's knowledge of and enthusiasm for these bikes.  For latest news please scroll to the bottom of this page.

The number of surviving bikes is still growing...see the survivors page for details.  There are currently have listed over 100 known survivors, out of a total production of around 565 bikes.

If you own an M24 or know of one anywhere, do get in touch.

On the site you will find pages detailing the history of the first Gold Stars, technical information, a photo gallery, information on spare parts, information about surviving M24 Gold Stars and links to other sites of interest to BSA and vintage bike enthusiasts.

 Even with 85 year old motorcycles there may be copyright which is still current on published material.  Every effort will be taken to ensure that contributions are correctly attributed, and information contained on the site is accurate.

Any feedback,  any help with running the  website, will be more than welcome. Please click below for Email, or give me a call.  Telephone: 07896202761 or email :  The website domain name is owned by Bob Mayow

Two unrestored M24 Gold Stars

1939  KM24                                                                                                 1938 JM24


I have a small supply of Cylinder Head and Rockerbox gaskets for sale.  Contact Bob -  first come first served!

 New Oil Filters

New difficult to find BSA, early M series, oil filters, part number 66-8323.  Being made to order. High quality all stainless steel construction to original dimensions. See for Sale and Wanted.  ONE LEFT

 Your WISDOM please

Information needed. BSA provided valve timing data for 1939 bikes, but I cannot find any published information on valve timing for the pre-1939 M23 and M24. The M23/M24 inlet camshaft number is 66-2082 and the M24 (only) exhaust camshaft number is   66-2084.  Phil Irving in his book "Tuning for Speed" gives  35, 75, 70, 40, for the 500cc Empire Star.  If anyone has this information please let me know as It may be a while before I have an engine I can check with a degree disc and DTI.      Thank you. Bob