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Welcome to this website dedicated to the
  pre-war BSA M24 GOLD STAR Motorcycles.

First, may I introduce myself: George Wander, retired doctor/surgeon and long time BSA owner and enthusiast, based in South Devon in SW England.
I have had a passion for BSA bikes since 1974, and pre-war BSA motorcycles for 20 years, and I am the fortunate owner of four M24 Gold Stars, two original & unrestored, one race bike, and one restored some years ago. I also have a number of other BSA motorcycles, which are pictured on the other bikes page.

This website was launched in January 2010, and  is intended to be a pictorial and technical resource for owners and admirers of these wonderful machines. The site is continually being developed and improved.  For latest M24 news, scroll to the foot of this page.
I restore pre-war BSA M-series bikes, including OHV engines & gearboxes, and I am happy to take on outside work, so please contact me with your requirements.

I keep a variety of spares for sale, and I will buy any M22, 23 & M24 parts. Please contact me if you have any parts for sale, or if you are looking for pre-war parts.

The number of surviving bikes is still growing...see the survivors page for details. I currently have listed over 100 known survivors, out of a total production of around 565 bikes.
If you own an M24 or know of one anywhere, do get in touch.

Any feedback, photos or other contributions will be more than welcome. Please click below for Email, or give me a call.

On the site you will find pages detailing the history of the first Gold Stars, technical information, a photo gallery, information on spare parts, information about surviving M24 Gold Stars and links to other sites of interest to BSA and vintage bike enthusiasts.

My two unrestored M24 Gold Stars

1939                                                                                                   1938

1939 KM24 Gold Star.............SOLD in October 2021

1939 KM24 Gold Star for sale in original Competition trim. Genuine matching numbers bike located in Denmark.
SOLD in October 2021 to a Danish buyer
26 Nov 2021 - This bike is now for sale again - on Car & Classic website but no asking price.
It is a genuine M24, with replacement drive side crankcase which has been stamped with the original number. The correct crankcase is with the bike, but damaged - the drive side main bearing was loose and needs repair. Please contact the seller, Century Ltd for more information.

1938 JM24 GOLD STAR FOR SALE  -  SOLD Dec 2021

I am looking to sell my restored 1938 Goldie, a genuine bike with correct engine and frame numbers.
Originally despatched to Denmark in 1938, where it was restored, I have owned it for the past 11 years. It is 95% original parts, in excellent condition, and has always run well with very few problems.
Asking price is £22,500 (€25,000)
There are more photos of this bike on the Gallery page of the website.
Please Phone or Email me for further information, more photographs etc Contact details above.

The bike is located in South Devon, midway between Exeter and Plymouth, should you want to see
it.     SOLD Dec 2021                                                          

1938 JM24 Project bike...........SOLD Jan 2022

All in need of restoration. Much superficial corrosion but structurally solid.
Complete original 1938 M24 rolling chassis, including rare fuel tank with built in tool box.
Missing only rear mudguard.
Much work already done on hubs, brakes, forks & wheels including new tyres.
The Engine is numberJM24 304 , fully rebuilt, but not matching the frame JM24 233, in the BSA records. It comes with 10TT9 Carburettor and Lucas Racing Magneto or MO1 Magdyno.
The gearbox has original 1938 Elektron Magnesium cases, and has been overhauled.
Primary cush drive and BSA 6-Spring clutch included.
I am open to offers over £12,000     SOLD Jan 2022

Please Email me for further details or can be viewed on eBay


20/11/2021 Serious health problems have forced me to radically cut back my M24 activities, and I am slowly selling my bikes, my collection of pre-WW2 BSA spares and special tools, and eventually my large archive of BSA M24 photographs, factory publications, other period literature and other material. I have for sale a 1938 JM24 project and a restored 1938 JM24 motorcycle. See my blog post. My 1939 KM24, EON 59 is also for sale. More details of this bike
can be found on the Gallery page. I am looking for offers around £25,000.

The project I mentioned in August 2020 has been in my workshop for several months, but I have yet to make a start on it. It is a USA built quarter midget race car, built around part of a 1938 JM24 Gold Star frame, number JM24 227, and fitted with the original JM24 Engine, number JM24 273, Magnesium gearbox, carb and magneto. I hope to start restoring it soon, but if my health prevents me from going ahead, I will also put this vehicle on the market.


The new website is now live. Any feedback would be welcome. 
Another unique 1938 JM24 is on its way to my shed...all will be revealed when it arrives in the next 5 to 6 weeks. Photo shows Engine JM24 273 with original carb and Elektron gearbox.


11/08/2020  Welcome to my new website. This blog replaces the latest news page on my old .com site, and here you will find news of bikes for sale, events and activities related to pre-war Gold Stars, and other features of interest. From today, 11th August, all traffic to the old site will be redirected to this new version, which is visually more attractive, and easier to navigate.

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