1938 Gold Star

Brooklands 2009

Brooklands 2009

CMJ 159 BSA Gold Star JM24 102

Dijon - May 2008

My 1938 bike, CMJ 159, bears engine and frame numbers JM24-102, and is the second production bike. It was dispatched to The Imperial Cycle Co, Bedford, UK in December 1937. It is one of only four M24s to have matching engine and frame numbers, and also the oldest surviving BSA Gold Star. (Engine JM24-101, which still exists in Australia, is now housed in a frame bearing a later number, and the bike is incorrect in various details. See photo below.)
I have owned CMJ 159 for 20 years and use it on the road and for track events. I take it every year to the Coupes Moto Legende track event at the Dijon GP Circuit in France, and have ridden it at Mallory Park & Cadwell Park in England. In 2006 I rode the bike in the Klausenrennen Memorial Mountain Climb races in Switzerland, and finished both races at a respectable average speed just under 50mph. It has also been back to its spiritual home at Brooklands and ridden up the infamous test hill.
In the past it has been featured in Classic Motorcycle magazines in France, Germany,Italy and more recently in UK.

France: Moto Legende Nr 204 Sept. 2009
Germany: Klassik Motorrad Nr 5 Oct 2009
Italy: Moto Storiche May 2010
UK: Classic Bike Guide April 2013

         Classic Bike - article entitled "Beeza Fever"   October 2014

JM24 101, restored but not in its original frame

JM24 259

1938 Gold Star restored 2010-11

I bought JM24 259 in September 2010 in Belgium. It was originally exported to Denmark in 1938, where it had spent its entire life, but I do not have any details of its history. Engine & frame numbers match those in the BSA despatch records.I have brought it back to original specification, and it is now UK registered and back on the road.

This bike has also seen regular action at the Dijon GP circuit over the past 10 years, often ridden by my good friend Nick Unstead.

JM24 305

A Superb restoration to factory specification

Another very original looking '38 Gold Star

JM24 194 as seen in the Isle of Man Sept 2010

JM24 194 again-note 1939 cylinder barrel

1939 Gold Star

EON 59 - 100% original unrestored KM24 Gold Star

My 1939 bike, EON 59, was first registered on 22/12/1938 in Birmingham. The first owner, Frank Biddle kept meticulous records of every journey, all repairs & adjustments, fuel costs etc from 1939 until 1964, when he stopped riding it. The recorded and documented mileage was then 27,800. The bike remained in storage until he sold it in 1988 to his nephew Roger Barlow, also in Birmingham, who started a gradual recomissioning process which eventually took him almost 20 years, during which time it was never ridden. Health problems meant that he was unfortunately never able to take to the road, and he decided to sell the bike in 2008, when I became the third owner.
Before he sold it, "The Classic Motorcycle" magazine in the UK published a comprehensive feature article on the bike and its previous owner, Roger Barlow, which can be found in the November 2007 issue.
Since acquiring the bike, I have found it a delight to ride, and have comfortably topped 85mph on the GP circuit at Dijon. It has been trouble-free besides a minor clutch slip problem. Current recorded mileage remains less than 30,000 and all chrome and paint is original from 1938.
Autodrome Dijon-Prenois 2009

KM24 369 Competition model 
A lovely unrestored 39 Goldie, with chrome plated competition mudguards. One of very few factory-built in a KM23 Silver Star frame with sidecar lugs.

1939 Gold Star in competition trim

With high level exhaust, 21 inch front wheel and no instrument panel in tank. Restored with 1938 cylinder head

1939 M24 Race Bike

KM24 374 - a handsome non-standard sports machine

KM24 167

Believed to be unrestored, and in very tidy original condition

KM24 223

Resident in Austria and restored in 2011

Period photograph of a 1039 Gold Star