Racing Gold Stars

Following on from the success racing the prototype M23 based bike at Brooklands,   in 1938 E.R Evans came 5th in the Ulster Grand Prix.  In 1946 Terry Hill was on the front row of the grid for the Ulster Grand Prix and during the race was in the lead.  There was then little success in the UK until the introduction of the ZB and BB Gold Stars in the 1950's.  The Gold Star then did very well in the IoM Clubmans TT, which barred genuine racing models, such as the Manx and the KTT. The older M24 bikes have continued to be raced in the vintage classes, at home in the uk, and overseas.  The bike below is a proven winner in the German DHM, and has been continually developed by Klaus Jung.

Race Engine Preparation


A new Pearson crankshaft, with also alterations to engine bore and stroke.

1) The Championship Winner on a M24  2) Successful roadside repair to a broken pushrod 3) Machining a new barrel for the race bike.