BSA M24 parts for sale and wanted

Please let me know if you have any pre-war M series bikes or parts for sale or wanted.
Call back regularly as I update the page.


Early BSA M21 steel crank or flywheels, 105mm stroke,  
Contact Bob T:07896202761 or email

1938 JM24 Petrol tank with toolbox and JM24 frame 
Contact: Kristoffer Krings. email: 
30 11 23

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KM24 For sale 

Restored to road trim from a former off road competition bike and re-registered in the UK in 2011.  The engine has been recently been checked over and the crank has been carefully balanced, although maybe not strictly necessary.  Frame Numbers are KM24 269 and Engine KM24 307.   The bike was originally dispatched to Godfreys in London in road trim, but I have no other previous history, other than it was raced on the grass and the sand. The bike has the close ratio gearbox.  Contact: Bob

DB34 Gold Star 1955 

For Sale.  An original, and very well travelled Touring Gold Star from a small batch of touring models made in 1955.  All the right bits, STD T gearbox, TT carb, and Alfin rear hub. Owned by me since 1996.  Contact Bob for details

For Sale Parts

BSA M series oil filters Part number 66-8323

A small batch made out of stainless steel, to original dimensions  -  contact Bob

Rockerbox covers 

JM24 Rockerbox covers (bottom) and KM24 (Top) for sale. Contact: Klaus

 1938 Oil tank mounting grommets

New from original pattern. Will also fit all other 1937-8 B- & M-series bikes.
BSA part Nos 66-8324 or 66-8326

Set of 4 rubber grommets £12 - Available from Jeff Hunter (the rubber man) at  He does all sorts of rubber parts including footrest rubbers, tank kneegrips, handlebar grips etc

Rubber components

For Rubber Petrol tank knee pads and rubbers for Footrests, gear lever, front forks  and handlebars contact for current price list and pictures of products. 

1939 KM24 Silencer

 Armours supply siencers and exhaust pipes using original patterns. The KM24 type is illustated.  The JM24 type has a detachable tail pipe. Excellent quality chrome plating.    

JM24 Exhaust

.JM24 silencer has a clamp on, and adjustable for length, tail pipe


1938 JM24 Cylinder Barrel with small 2 screw tappet cover.

Re:linered to Standard 82mm bore.  Supplied with genuine unused NOS piston. Contact Bob. 

Tank dash light 

As fitted to the KM24 Gold Star and M23 Empire Star with the petrol tank top instrument panel.  Reproduction part available from Henk Slegers.  email:

BSA M24 Oil Tank Caps

Available from Nigel Berry, in Victoria, Australia. They are made with the correct size thread and fit perfectly. Contact  Nigel on for further information

1939 KM23 & KM24 Tank Badges

New, excellent quality, well finished.                          
Made in Germany in brass or aluminium. To suit Gold Star or Silver Star

Contact Hubert Runte at for more information and pictures.

Rear Rack

Stainless steel from  John makes racks for old and new Goldies and other bikes T:07742 611811